Hank Paulson Had A Tendency To ____ On Video Conference Calls Back In The 90s

Hank Paulson

A new book about the Hank Paulson-Jon Corzine power struggle at Goldman Sachs in the early 90s, shines a light on the two former Goldman heads.

For example, among other things, we learn that Hank Paulson was not the best video-conference attendee.

It’s not that he wasn’t punctual or that he didn’t call in — it’s what he did once the call began that’s funny.

In the early 90s remember, Paulson was working at the bank’s Chicago office, so he often joined high-level meetings via videoconference.

According to the book, by Vanity Fair contributing editor William Cohan, Paulson’s on-camera demeanor left a lot to be desired:

Usually, Paulson woud join the Management Committee meetings via videoconference from Chicago, where he would often forget that he was on-camera and start reading the newspaper.

Someone in the New York would step out of the meeting to call him and say, “Don’t forget you’re on the screen, Hank. Stop picking your nose.”

Of course, it is well-known Paulson was sometimes a little rough around the edges.