Hands-on with all the new iPhones Apple just introduced

Kif Leswing

Apple introduced its new iPhone lineup on Wednesday.

The iPhone’s flagship X series will now consist of three models.

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are set to go on sale next week, on September 21.

The less expensive, more colourful iPhone XR is set to go on sale October 26.

Business Insider saw the phones unveiled at Apple’s Cupertino, California, headquarters and was able to briefly handle the new devices after they were announced. Here’s what we thought:

The iPhone XR is the most visually striking of the three new iPhone models. It comes in six colours.

Kif Leswing

Besides the colourful bodies, the iPhone XR is easy to identify by its single-lens camera.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When I handled one, I could tell it was a little bit lighter than its siblings, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Kif Leswing

That’s because the XR is made of aluminium, as opposed to stainless steel.

Another reason for the XR’s lower price (it starts at $US749 versus $US999 for the XS) is that it uses older LCD screen technology.

Kif Leswing

But in my short time playing with the phones, I couldn’t tell the difference between the XR’s LCD technology and the iPhone XS’ and iPhone XR’s OLED displays. The XR also has the same Face ID facial-recognition sensor as last year’s iPhone X and this year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – thus the “notch” up top.

Despite the lower price, the XR phones are very premium-looking devices and will probably sell like hotcakes this holiday season.


Apple is also releasing two other new phones, though they’re slightly pricier, starting at $US999 and $US1,099. Say hello to the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Kif Leswing

They come in this great new muted gold colour, and these models are distinguished by the dual-lens camera on the back.

Kif Leswing

The iPhone XS is nearly identical to last year’s iPhone X, but the iPhone XS Max has a huge 6.5-inch screen, the biggest available on any iPhone.

Kif Leswing

The idea is that thanks to the edge-to-edge screen design, it has a bigger screen than the iPhone Plus models but with the same total dimensions.

Kif Leswing

That meant it didn’t feel too huge in my hand. And though it starts at a steep $US1,099, I can see the iPhone XS Max being very popular with those who can afford it.

AppleThe iPhone XS, left, and the iPhone XS Max.

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