This hands-free crutch takes the strain off your hands, wrists and arms

This innovative crutch helps take the strain from ordinary crutches and makes it easy to stand, walk and perform daily tasks. Following is a transcript of the video.

This is a hands-free crutch.

The iWALK 2.0 helps take the strain from ordinary crutches off of your hands, wrists and underarms and transfers it to your legs.

Leaving your hands and arms free to help with daily tasks.

This crutch is intended for lower leg, non-weight-bearing injuries.

The iWALK makes it easy to stand, walk, and navigate stairs.

It provides mobility and balance.

Cliff Vieira: I’m waiting for a double hip surgery, a right-knee surgery. I have problems with my wrists as well. So I decided to do some research. That’s where I found the iWalk 2.0 to help take some pain away from my hip, my knee, and to make life easier to have my two hands to be able to do daily tasks, which I wasn’t able to do with crutches, and not have the pain here under the armpits as well too

The iWALK is easy to assemble.

No tools are required. It can be adjusted and tailored to your specific leg. Users can adjust the height, vertical alignment and straps.

The iWALK 2.0 is FDA and CE registered.

In short, if you can walk, then you can iWALK.

It is currently for sale starting at $US149.

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