The Reddit user taking credit for Trump’s CNN body-slam video has a history of posting inflammatory comments

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Twitter/realDonaldTrump

The Reddit user who apparently created the video President Donald Trump posted on his Twitter feed Sunday has a history on the sie of posting inflammatory remarks about Muslims, black Americans, Jews, and others.

That user, “HanAssholeSolo,” quickly celebrated Trump’s posting of his video, which featured a CNN logo edited over the face of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who Trump went after in a staged 2007 wrestling event.

“Holy s—!!” the user, who claimed to be 37 in another post, wrote Sunday morning. “I wake up and have my morning coffee and who retweets my s—post but the MAGA EMPORER himself!!! I am honored!!”

“HanAssholeSolo” posted the gif on the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald last week. Trump’s version included the addition of sound and a “Fraud News Network” logo at the end, but the Reddit user noted that Trump’s video matches his in terms of how it moves.

Trump’s apparent use of the Reddit user’s video continues a trend that began in the early stages of his presidential campaign. Trump on several occassions utilised social-media posts from accounts that promoted such inflammatory views.

One of the most prominent instances came in early 2016, when he retweeted a Twitter account with the handle “WhiteGenocideTM,” a user whose bio read “Get the F— Out of My Country” and had a location of “Jewmerica.”

Hiding behind anonymity on the site, the vast majority of “HanAssholeSolo’s” posts feature inflammatory commentary aimed at minority groups.

A 15-minute search of the user’s posts from just the past two weeks showed he posted a graphic featuring a litany of CNN employees on a chart with the Jewish Star of David next to their heads. His post was titled “Something strange about CNN…can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“If it’s not true I’ll take it down but on this sub the truth will set you free,” the user wrote, later adding that Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. “tweeted about those who are in control are the ones you can’t talk about in 2013 and” the president “told him not to say it…so if this gets taken down you know who is in control.”

In a post that has since disappeared, the Reddit user wrote that watching billionaire investor George Soros’ “dead bloated corpse being dragged through the streets would be my satisfaction.”

But much of his most vitriolic postings have focused on Muslims and Black Americans.

“F— ISLAM,” the user wrote this weekend.

The user commented on a photo of refugees walking in a column that “there’s a MOAB (Mother of All Bomb’s) for that.” On a Reddit post discussing the arrest of a British man for stirring up hate against Muslims on Facebook, the user wrote, “S—, if that was true here in the USA I’d be serving multiple life sentences for hating Islam.”

And on a Reddit page featuring Nazi photos superimposed with the head of a Reddit alien, the user accused CNN of identifying the gunman of a shooting at a Bronx hospital last week as “a white skinned black guy.”

“HanAssholeSolo” wrote last month that people living in inner cities “are a bunch of low information self entitled idiots who only think of themselves and what handout they are going to get from whatever politician promises it, not to mention when you throw the truth in their face they brand you as racist.”

“In America it’s blame the white person,” the Reddit user wrote this weekend.

Trump’s apparent co-opting of the “HanAssholeSolo” video came roughly a week after the president retweeted a 16-year-old YouTube vlogger, who focuses on commentary related to the video game Grand Theft Auto. The YouTuber, “Jeff Tutorials,” had replied to a Trump tweet with a “Fake News Network” logo.

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