Han Solo's jacket is for sale and could fetch up to $1.8 million

Let’s make a deal, Jabba. Picture: Lucasfilm

Han Solo’s jacket is for sale for more than the bounty placed on his head by Jabba the Hutt.

UK collection house Prop Store is gearing up for its fifth annual live auction of film and TV memorabilia and the actual jacket worn by Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back is clearly the hero item.

It’s the first time it has been offered at auction, and could command as much as US$1.3 million (AU$1.8 million). Galactic credits have been tossed around to be worth anywhere between US$1 and US$4, which means, according to Boba Fett’s invoice, the 250,000 credit price on Solo’s head was around $US1 million at the most.

Sometimes it’s worth holding onto those old clothes.

Also for sale are Tyler Durden’s bathrobe, Brandon Lee’s costume from The Crow, and Marty McFly’s (not working) hoverboard.

All up, more than 600 rare and iconic lots will be sold on Thursday, September 20, in Waterloo, London.

Last year’s auction saw Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill’s hero helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy sell for $237,872. An item tagged a “hero” item means it’s the actual prop used or worn during filming.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s auction.

Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber

Movie: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Estimated price: $90,000-$180,000
The most undersold item on the block. Yes, this is Anakin’s second lightsaber, the one he built himself and cut Count Dooku’s head and Mace Windu’s hand off with.

Picture: Prop Store

But it also represents the same lightsaber handed to young Luke Skywalker by Ben Kenobi. It’s the actual “elegant weapon, for a more civilized age” which Han Solo opened a tauntaun with and was eventually lost along with Luke’s hand down a shaft in Cloud City, before finding its way to Rey, then getting destroyed in a tug of war with Kylo Ren.

Picture: Lucasfilm

This is a hero item. That means it’s really the lightsaber held by Hayden Christensen. (But not Mark Hamill, Alec Guinness or Daisy Ridley.)

Han Solo’s jacket

Movie: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Estimated price: $900,000-$1.8 million
$1.8 million to feel like the biggest scoundrel in the galaxy?

For the first time at auction, you can get that scruffy look in the actual jacket worn by Harrison Ford in one of the good movies about Han Solo:

Picture: Prop Store

Indiana Jones’ bullwhip and fedora

Movies: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Raiders of the Lost Ark
Estimated price: $90,000-$530,000
It nearly cost Harrison Ford his arm:

But it is also the coolest fedora in movie history. If you want a part of Indy, and $300K for the hat is too steep, $120K should secure you the most famous bullwhip in movie history:

Picture: Prop Store

Stormtrooper helmet

Movie: A New Hope
Estimated price: $70,000-$105,000
It’s actually not that hard to find a Stormtrooper helmet kicking around at a prop auction somewhere, but there’s no doubt they still hold their value. If you’re going to plump for one, the originals are the best:

Picture: Prop Store

There’s a poor man’s version from The Last Jedi available too, but it’s not a whole lot cheaper. Although the proceeds from that will go to a leading children’s charity in the UK.

Rose’s Farewell Note

Movie: Titanic
Estimated price: $7000-$10,000
More affordable, yet still iconic are Rose’s snarky words to Cal:

Picture: Prop Store

Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

Movie: Back to the Future Part II
Estimated price: $53,000-$88,000
It’s 29 years later, we’re three years past the future that Marty McFly and Doc Brown flew to, and we still don’t have hoverboards that can do this:

But at least you can stand on the real thing:

Picture: Prop Store

Jumanji Game Board

Movie: Jumanji (1995)
Estimated price: $14,000-$17,000
Care for a game?

It would take a brave collector to open this box:

Picture: Prop Store

Terminator’s jacket

Movie: The Terminator (1984)
Estimated price: $35,000-$53,000
“I need your clothes.”
The Terminator has a habit of stealing his jackets, and the one he helped himself to in the original movie was once worth, according to this clip, between US$800 and US$1200:

Who said art doesn’t appreciate? Here’s one of those three jackets which could now sell for up to $53,000:

Picture: Prop Store

Note: there is a fair chance it won’t fit you.

And finally, some more ultimate Halloween costumes.

The Crow’s costume

Movie: The Crow
Estimated price: $35,000-$45,000
The son of Bruce Lee didn’t get to make a lot of movies before his tragic on-set death, and this was his final costume:

Picture: Prop Store

Imagine walking in all like:

Tyler Durden’s Robe

Movie: Fight Club
Estimated price: $17,000-$25,000
We would have put Johhny Depp’s display costume for Edward Scissorhands in here, but it’s about five times the price of this epic bathrobe, and nowhere near as comfy as Brad Pitt is feeling right now:

Picture: 20th Century Fox

Unfortunately, it looks like the actual item for sale has had a good wash:

Picture: Prop Store

You can watch the auction, register and bid online here.

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