How much homes cost right now in the Hamptons, one of America's most elite summer vacation destinations

Douglas Elliman via Out East listingA summer house in the Hamptons is the ultimate luxury.
  • The Hamptons is one of the most elite vacation destinations in America.
  • Many rich celebrities, hedge fund managers, CEOs, socialites, and politicians own multi-million dollar summer homes in the Hamptons.
  • The high volume of mansions in the Hamptons – and its waterfront locale – makes it one of the most expensive real estate markets in the US.

The Hamptons is the preeminent summer vacation destination in the tri-state area.

The Hamptons encompasses more than two dozen villages and hamlets on Long Island. While people live there year-round, it’s the months between Memorial Day weekend and Labour Day weekend each year when visitors infuse the Hamptons with energy – and money.

The Hamptons is hallmarked by its countless famous and flush residents, including hedge fund managers, celebrities, CEOs, and socialites. Bill and Hillary Clinton have long vacationed on Georgica Beach in East Hampton. And Southampton even has its very own “Billionaire Lane” reserved for the rich and powerful.

Such prestige doesn’t come cheap. At least seven towns in the Hamptons have a median home listing price of around $US1 million. That means half the houses for sale in those places are priced under seven figures, and half are priced above. What’s more, at least 11 towns have median home prices between $US2.2 million to $US5.6 million.

That’s according to StreetEasy, which recently launched a new Hamptons platform, Out East, for sale and rental listings in the Hamptons. Out East provided Business Insider with a ranking of most expensive towns in the Hamptons based on median list price.

Below, we’ve featured the 21 towns in the Hamptons where the median list price is highest as of February 22, ranked from least expensive to most. Towns with fewer than 20 homes for sale were excluded from the list.

Hampton Bays

Homes listed: 109

Median list price: $US799,000

Cutchogue (Nassau Point)

Homes listed: 21

Median list price: $US949,000


Homes listed: 26

Median list price: $US997,000

East Quogue

Homes listed: 95

Median list price: $US1.15 million


Homes listed: 20

Median list price: $US1.175 million

Shelter Island

Homes listed: 89

Median list price: $US1.295 million


Homes listed: 80

Median list price: $US1.297 million


Homes listed: 25

Median list price: $US1.325 million


Homes listed: 49

Median list price: $US1.4 million

East Hampton

Homes listed: 795

Median list price: $US1.995 million

Sag Harbour

Homes listed: 239

Median list price: $US2.2 million


Homes listed: 21

Median list price: $US2.29 million


Homes listed: 555

Median list price: $US2.295 million


Homes listed: 203

Median list price: $US2.3 million


Homes listed: 78

Median list price: $US2.495 million


Homes listed: 102

Median list price: $US2.57 million

Westhampton Beach

Homes listed: 165

Median list price: $US2.6 million


Homes listed: 164

Median list price: $US3.347 million

Water Mill

Homes listed: 231

Median list price: $US4.295 million


Homes listed: 203

Median list price: $US4.595 million


Homes listed: 133

Median list price: $US5.65 million

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