Now There's Even More Reason To Hire A Hamptons Driver

If you’re headed up to the Hamptons this summer, it might be a good idea to hire your own driver.

According to The Southampton Press, police departments across Suffolk County have announced a concentrated crack down on drunk driving and boating. This is the third summer of the East End DWI Task Force, which has seen 364 DWI arrests and several for boating while intoxicated.

Related businesses are looking to cash in on the problem, to the annoyance of some Hamptons police. The designated-driver service Main Street Drivers has partnered with a local defence attorney Eddie Burke Jr., who specialises in DWI arrests, Page Six reported.

The promotion used signs sporting “Hire a Sober Driver Tonight, not a Good Criminal Defence Attorney Tomorrow,” and similar slogans around the Hamptons. Although it was approved by local officials, some cops still objected that it violated town codes.

It’s a pretty clever campaign, because it’s likely you’ll end up needing either one or the other. Hopefully Burke doesn’t get too many calls, but if bad decisions are made, at least you have some back ups.

Stay safe, everyone.

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