The Hamptons' Most Famous Handyman Just Revealed One Of His Billionaire Clients

Earlier this summer, we (and just about every other website with a sense of humour) wrote about Joe Schwenk aka HamptonsBorn, the Hamptons handyman who tweets about the absurd requests he gets from his wealthy ‘citiot’ clients.

The twitter feed is hilarious for observers, but potentially embarrassing for clients, so Schwenk does his best to keep them anonymous.

But today his best simply wasn’t good enough.

Here’s how we figured it out:

Ron Baron, the founder of Baron Capital Group, was just on Squawk Box this morning talking markets from his Hamptons home (nice property sir, seriously).

While we were watching Baron speak, we noticed this tweet from HamptonsBorn’s twitter feed (we watch it like hawks).

hamptonsborn baron

Noting the time, and the ‘MrB’ we conjectured that HamptonsBorn’s client could only be Baron.

Here’s a shot of Baron speaking with Steve Liesman from his ocean dune.

liesman ron baron

Sorry, Schwenk.

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