You Can Already See The All Of The Hedge Funders Flying Out To The Hamptons Today [MAP]


A bunch of hedge funders are already heading out to the Hamptons, but don’t expect them to all drive there or take public transportation.  

If you check out the East Hampton airport (KHTO) on, there’s been an uptick in flight traffic today.

We’ve monitoring this situation all week and have noticed flights departing from Westchester and Danbury landing at KHTO. 

Prolific tweeter/Hamptons native/handyman Joe Schwenk (a.k.a. @hamptonsborn) has also been keeping people up-to-date with the air traffic.

If you want, you can search the tail number (the n-number) of the aircraft to see who it belongs to on the Federal Aviation Administration’s database.  Sometimes the owner will appear in the database, other times you might have to look up an address. [via NetNet]

For example, FAA records show that one of the helicopters has the address of GTI Capital at 150 East 58th Street (24th floor).  And this fixed-wing single engine, which says it’s owned by Flying Phox LLC has the same address as Risk & Insurance Magazine.  

You can see all the action on FlightAware.  Here’s a screenshot (Click to enlarge): 


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