We Tried Vegan Mayo From The Startup Funded By Bill Gates

Backed by the likes of Bill Gates and Peter Thiel, Hampton Creek is set to make huge waves in the food industry.

The company has created a plant-based substitute for eggs and is currently selling two products that are normally egg-dependent: mayonnaise and cookie dough.

While it’s great that you can slather cholesterol-free mayo on your sandwiches and eat raw cookie dough without catching salmonella, are these egg-less products actually any good?

We wanted to find out, so we got a bunch of our egg-loving co-workers to try out Hampton Creek’s egg-less mayo and cookie dough. Watch and see what they think.

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Music: “Finger-Lickin’ Generosity” by TheSurfingViolinist and “Good Starts” by Jingle Punks (via The YouTube Audio Library)

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