Halsey is launching 'Black Creators Fund' to share resources and support Black artists and musicians

Mark Metcalfe/Getty ImagesHalsey arrives at the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Singer-songwriter Halsey is launching an initiative to give funding and support to black musicians, artists, and creatives.
  • People can tag posts with #BlackCreatorsFund on Twitter and Instagram, and Halsey and her team will pick creators to be featured.
  • Anthony Li, a manager for Halsey, told Twitter users that creators featured as part of the project will receive funds and social media exposure for their work, as well as “points of contact or informational help.”
  • The first “gifting recipients” will be announced on June 18, according to Halsey’s announcement.
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Singer-songwriter Halsey has announced a new initiative to use her resources and industry knowledge to support creators of colour.

Halsey, whose full name is Ashley Frangipane, put out a call to her millions of followers – on Instagram and Twitter, combined – on June 11, asking them to share with her names of people who deserve to be nominated for her new initiative, “Black Creators Fund.”

“I am launching this to give funds, resources, and a platform to black creators. Looking for black creators who want to enrich the world with their work,” Halsey wrote on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday.

Users can nominate themselves or others by tagging posts with #BlackCreatorsFund, and the first “gifting recipients” will be announced on Thursday, according to the social media announcement.

Halsey has not specified an amount of money that she will be allocating to nominees or artists selected as part of her project. However, Anthony Li, a manager for Halsey, told Twitter users that creators featured as part of the project will receive funds, social media exposure for their work, and “points of contact or informational help.”

Hours after she announced the project, the “Bad at Love” singer wrote that she had already started looking through submissions.

“This is the most mind-blowing flow of creativity I have ever seen. magic,” she wrote on Twitter.

Prior to announcing her initiative to take part in supporting Black writers, creatives, musicians, and artists, Halsey took to social media to share personal reflections in regard to race and equality following the murder of George Floyd. She’s been vocal about being biracial and how she sees herself as “white-passing.”

Halsey wrote: “it’s not my place to say ‘we’. it’s my place to help. i am in pain for my family, but nobody is gonna kill me based on my skin colour. I’ve always been proud of who I am but it’d be an absolute disservice to say ‘we’ when I’m not susceptible to the same violence.”

The musician showed up to a Los Angeles protest earlier in June and shared live updates via Twitter. At one point, she said that she was attempting to help treat protesters who needed medical attention.

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