Big, Gorgeous Photos Of Last Night's Insane Halloween Parade In Greenwich Village

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Photo: Dan Goodman/Business Insider

Last night was the 39th annual Village Halloween Parade in downtown Manhattan.As usual, it was an absolute madhouse, with spectators vying for a glimpse of the oversized puppets and extreme costumes marching up Sixth Avenue.

This year’s festivities featured an elaborate dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” tons of outrageous floats, and hordes of Occupy Wall Street protestors, who left Zuccotti Park to air their grievances before the two million visitors lined up along the parade route.

We were on hand to catch the action—click through to see our favourite moments, from beginning to end.

Participants get into costume near Canal Street, where the parade kicks off.

It extends from Canal to 16th Street along Sixth Avenue.

A final costume check for this coffin-bound actress.

There were 53 different bands and artistic troupes in the parade.

Spectators along the route lined up, often a dozen deep.

The parade is well-known for its over-the-top puppetry.

And well-crafted costumes.

Some were just plain scary.

Nuns, or angels?

Occupy Wall Street was everywhere.

There were tons of protesters participating in the parade.

And sharing political messages.

Occupy Wall Street was also a popular costume theme.

Around 50,000 people participate in the parade each year.

And 2 million more come to watch.

We spotted tons of intricate costumes.

Like this guy, a subway rider with his own seat.

And a really crazy mad scientist.

A devilish butterfly? We really weren't sure.

Even this car dressed up for the parade.

We ran into Hulk.

Anyone can sign up to participate.

It was hard to decide whose costumes were more outrageous, the marchers or the spectators.

A hipster angel.

A little audience participation.

Of course, the NYPD had a major presence. This officer looked like he was part of the parade.

There was lots of face paint.

And some skimpy outfits.

Actually, a lot of skimpy outfits.

Crowds gathered around the floats.

The parade ended around 10, but revelers stayed on the streets far later.

Finally, it was time to head home.

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