Every 'Halloween' movie, ranked by how much money they made opening weekend at the box office

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Michael Myers is back with a vengeance.

The latest “Halloween” made $US76 million in its opening weekend at the box office, a franchise best and the second-best opening for a horror movie of all time.

That’s more than most of the other “Halloween” movies made during their entire domestic grosses. The horror genre has produced plenty of box-office hits in recent years, but the new “Halloween” stands out because of the nostalgia factor.

“Nostalgia – doing right by franchises and their fanbase – right now is the key to a successful reboot,” Exhibitor Relations box-office analyst Jeff Bock told Business Insider. “‘Predator’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ didn’t do it, and look where they’re at … MIA. ‘Halloween’s’ debut has proven without a shadow of a doubt that the nostalgia factor is a massive component in successfully rebooting a franchise in the current marketplace.”

The movie brings back franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis in a significant leading role, as well as original director John Carpenter, who produced and scored the new film.

We looked at the opening weekends for every “Halloween” movie and ranked them according to numbers from Box Office Mojo, adjusted for inflation. We also included the adjusted domestic total for comparison.

We didn’t include the original “Halloween” movie from 1978 in the ranking because opening weekend figures were not catalogued before the 1980s. Its adjusted total domestic gross is the most of any of its sequels, though, at $US183.5 million.

Below is every “Halloween” movie, ranked by opening weekend box office adjusted for inflation:

10. “Halloween 5” (1989)

Galaxy International

Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US11,726,400

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US26,803,600

9. “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” (1988)

Galaxy International

Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US15,191,600

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US39,514,900

8. “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” (1995)

Dimension Films

Adjusted opening weekend gross:15,356,300

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US31,762,300

7. “Halloween: Resurrection” (2002)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US19,337,300

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US47,752,100

6. “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” (1982)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US19,689,100

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US44,767,300

5. Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” (2009)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US20,031,500

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US40,872,400

4. “Halloween II” (1981)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US24,482,400

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US83,949,300

3. “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later” (1998)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US31,547,100

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US107,266,800

2. Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” (2007)


Adjusted opening weekend gross:$US35,022,100

Adjusted total domestic gross: $US77,413,700

1. “Halloween” (2018)


Opening weekend gross: $US76,221,545

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