10 Absolutely Terrifying Wall Street Halloween Costumes

robo signer

Some firms haze their new employees by making them wear a Halloween costume to work.

Others host employee-only Halloween parties.

So as the holiday that is considered by some to be the year’s best creeps up on us, we thought of a few costume ideas that are perfect for the banker who’s too busy to think of what to wear.

If you think of another idea, please add your suggestions in the comments.

* Another idea: the party, should you have one, could be hosted “on” the QE2, the Queen’s party boat.

Here are our suggestions.

You could be... Abacus

You could be... A Gold Bug

You could be... A yield junkie

You could be... A robo-signer

You could be... China Bubble That's About To Burst

You could be... The Dodd-Frank Bill

You could be... A BSD

You could be... Improper Asset Allocation

You could be... QE Light

You could be... A Shitty Deal

And now something that's even scarier...

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