Halle Berry credits cardio with boosting her sex drive — and science says she's right

Christopher Polk/ Getty ImagesHalle Berry said that her sex drive is higher after exercising.
  • Halle Berry’s #FitnessFriday posts on Instagram frequently feature helpful workout tips – including this one about how cardio can enhance women’s sexual arousal.
  • Experts say that exercise in general is great for our libidos for several reasons, including increased circulation, increased endorphins, and just feeling better about our bodies in general.
  • Everyone’s exercise plans are different, and you should do what’s best for you – but whatever you do, don’t overdo it.
  • Always consult your doctor with any questions or concerns regarding your personal health.

It’s no secret that Halle Berry is focused on her fitness. At age 52, she’s extremely open about sharing her exercise and diet secrets on her Instagram – especially on her weekly #FitnessFriday posts.

Berry is all about many forms of exercise – but cardio is the one thing that she said her fitness routine ‘is not complete without.”

In her Instagram post, Berry wrote that cardio has so many health benefits – boosting heart health, improving blood flow throughout your body, clearing up your skin, better-controlling blood sugar levels – and her personal favourite, increased sexual arousal in women.

Cardio can absolutely boost your sex drive according to experts – here’s why

Exercise in general promotes increased blood circulation throughout your body – and getting your blood flowing and your heart pumping is the entire point of cardio.

As women’s sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer R. Berman told Women’s Health,

“[Exercise] can be responsible blood flow increases to your brain and your genital area. Anything that improves health in any way has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements, and it’s working all over.”

One study from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin even found that exercise is so effective at stimulating arousal in women, it can even help to mitigate the libido-killing effects of some antidepressants.

Halle berryDia Dipasupil/Getty ImagesScience backs her up.

Increased blood flow is important – but so is the increased confidence and enhanced body image we all get when we exercise

Dr. Mary Claire Haver, an OB-GYN at the University of Texas Medical Branch, told Shape that exercise also promotes lubrication, boost our natural endorphins, and is great at reducing stress – the most major mood-killer of them all.

She added, “If someone is sedentary and starts exercising in any form, they will see an improvement in their libido.”

Dr. Haver also told Shape that in her expert opinion, strength training results in the strongest sex drive enhancement – because it particularly ups your testosterone.

She said, “We think that this increase in testosterone level is what triggers the higher libido.”

Everyone has individual exercise needs and goals – and they’re all beneficial in different ways. Just know your limits and don’t push yourself too hard if you want to see those desirable results.

“People who overexercise to the point of fatigue won’t see these benefits,” Dr. Haver said to Shape.

If you have questions or concerns about your personal fitness situation, it’s best to talk to your doctor to address them before you hit that spin class.


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