Half Of New Yorkers Struggling To Afford Groceries


A shocking four million New Yorkers are struggling to pay for groceries, according to a study by the Food Bank for New York City. And contrary to what your parents told you when you were younger, graduating from college won’t help you afford food. But having a well-paying job probably will, which you usually need the college degree for.

Gothamist: A report released Tuesday by the Food Bank for New York City has found that approximately four million New Yorkers—one in two—are having trouble paying for groceries, a 26 per cent increase since the last survey in February. The Hunger Experience 2008 Update also found that college degrees are increasingly useless protection against indigence; one out of every three (36 per cent) NYC college graduates had difficulty affording needed food this year, up from 11 per cent in 2003. Lucy Cabrera, the food bank’s president, says, “The results of this report are devastating. These numbers should be a wake-up call for all New Yorkers.” The Food Bank NYC sources and distributes food to the estimated 1.3 million New Yorkers who rely on emergency food.