These Hairless Mice Offer Hope For Curing Human Baldness


Photo: ABC News

Japanese researchers have successfully grown hair on hairless mice by implanting hair follicles created from stem cells, reported MedicalXpress.The study involved creating hair follicles with adult stem cells from mice — as opposed to extracting them from embryos — and implanting them into their skin.

The hairless mice grew hair, and it continued to grow normally after old hairs fell out.

The results of the study show promise for the use of adult stem cells to cure baldness as well as to bioengineer organ replacements.

The research creates the possibility that people could use their own stem cells for implants that will regrow their hair.

Researchers said they would like to start clinical research in three to five years so that the treatment would be available to general patients within a decade.

Here’s video from ABC News:
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