These are the haircuts that will never go out of style

We’ve written a lot about changing haircut trends. But what if you don’t want to follow the trend and just want a solid haircut that will last forever?

We can help you there, too.

To get a haircut that will never go out of style, the best thing you can do is err on the side of simplicity. Those trendy fades and layering will come and go, but a true timeless cut will still be just as stylish in 2016 as 1916.

These aren’t the most adventurous of haircuts, but we guarantee they will never fade in and out of relevance.

Here are some examples, and how to obtain them:

Crew Cut

It doesn’t get much simpler than this: It’s just a buzz all around.

Like other very short cuts, it can’t come in or out of style since there’s just not much too it.

Recommended for: guys worried about losing their hair or who just want as little hair maintenance as possible.

The High and Tight

A variant of the crew cut, this one is descended from military roots. Like most military style, it’s completely devoid of trends and hype.

It’s a little bit more interesting than a buzz cut, but don’t be surprised when strangers come up to you thanking you for your service.

Recommended for: Ex-military, someone looking for something similar but more interesting than a typical buzz cut.

No hair

There isn’t anything more low-maintenance than no hair at all on your head. You don’t even need to buy and use shampoo!

It will undoubtedly create a drastically different silhouette on your head, but that is easily remedied. It’s obtained by shaving the head with a razor.

Recommended for: Any man who has lost most of the hair on his head or is looking for something more severe than the buzz cut.

The Long Cut

Another timeless cut is the long cut, which is actually starting to come back into style.

It never really goes away, however, and is obtained by asking for a scissor cut on all sides. Make sure to ask for the sides and crown to be slightly shorter than the top.

Another benefit is that the style is easy to maintain and requires fewer trips to the barbershop than other longer styles.

Recommended: Any man with wavy or curly hair looking for a easy haircut to maintain.

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