A New Beauty Startup Sent Hair And Makeup Stylists To My Tiny New York Apartment -- Here's How It Worked Out

ThestylistedMadeline Stone / Business InsiderAdriana set up her makeup supplies in my tiny kitchen.

Last Friday evening, I got to try out TheStylisted
,a new startup that helps women book appointments with professional hair and makeup artists.

For many women, getting ready for a big event like a wedding or work function can be overwhelming. It’s tough to budget enough time to visit a salon, and once you’re there, you’re basically trusting a complete stranger to achieve the look you want.

With TheStylisted, the salon comes directly to you. Just before 6 p.m., a stylist showed up to my apartment to do my hair for me. Thirty minutes later, a makeup artist arrived.

The entire experience was easy and relaxing, and I’d love to use it again next time I have to attend a big event. Read more about the company’s founders and why they want to save women the hassle of visiting salons here.

Disclosure: TheStylisted covered our hair and makeup trial.

To book an appointment, first go to TheStylisted's home page.

You'll see a list of stylists available for appointments. TheStylisted is currently operating networks in both New York City and Chicago.

After looking through some of the reviews, I decided to book with Kailie Joe, who had received awesome five-star reviews from past clients.

I also checked out her bio, which showed that she had plenty of experience with hair styling.

Kailie Joe is pretty much in the middle range as far as pricing goes. I decided to book a blowout, which cost $US80.

For makeup, I booked with Adriana, who also had fantastic reviews.

She also had her bio posted.

As well as the pricing for each of her services. I decided to book a basic makeup appointment, which costs $US85.

Once you make an appointment on TheStylisted, you'll see it here.

My appointment was at 6:00, but Kailie Joe arrived at 5:40, just as I was getting home from work. My apartment is tiny, and there's limited space for storing things. She set up all of her supplies by the window in my apartment.

The DVD cabinet seemed to work well as a table, though, and Kailie Joe said she's worked in apartments smaller than mine plenty of times. Word to the wise: If you have a small apartment like mine, make sure you open the window before your blowout starts. My fire alarm went off multiple times just because the blow dryer was so hot.

While Kailie Joe was finishing up with my blowout, Adriana set up the makeup in the only place there was enough space -- my kitchen.

She had pretty much every product you would ever need, and she gave me plenty of useful makeup tips during the appointment.

I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out. My stylists were incredibly friendly, helpful, and efficient -- though I booked two separate appointments, they were done within an hour. You could even book simultaneous hair and makeup appointments if you're more pressed for time than I was.

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