7 things to know about 'Bumblebee' star Hailee Steinfeld

David Livingston/Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld was born in California.

Hailee Steinfeld’s roles as Charlie Watson in “Bumblebee” and Gwen Stacy in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” have gained her lots of attention lately – but she’s not a new face in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old first gained traction when she starred alongside Jeff Bridges in the 2010 movie “True Grit,” which she received an Oscar nomination for at just age 14.

Since then, she’s shared the big screen with Hollywood’s A-list, including Harrison Ford and Viola Davis in “Ender’s Game,” Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in “Begin Again,” Anna Kendrick in two “Pitch Perfect” movies, and Woody Harrelson in “The Edge of Seventeen.”

Aside from appearing in Taylor Swift’s star-studded music video for “Bad Blood,” Steinfeld is also a singer. So far, she’s released an EP and has collaborated with other artists, and hopes to drop new music in 2019.

Here are seven more things to know about the actress and singer.

She was inspired to act at 8 years old after seeing her cousin in a commercial.

Lester Cohen/WireImage via Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld at the 2011 Oscars.

Her cousin was doing commercials at the time, and Steinfeld recalled watching the ad on TV, then running to her parents and telling them she wanted to do the same thing. As a compromise, Steinfeld was told that if she took acting classes for a year and stuck with it, she would be allowed to pursue it.

“It was the quickest year of my life,” she said.

She was a cheerleader for six years.

C Flanigan/Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld collaborated with Grey and Zedd for the song ‘Starving.’

Steinfeld’s older brother played football for six years, and the actress was a cheerleader for his team during that time.

Steinfeld beat out more than 15,000 girls for her Oscar-nominated role in “True Grit.”

Paramount PicturesHailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross in ‘True Grit.’

The filmmakers searched for the ideal actress through open casting calls in several cities across the US, in addition to online video submissions. They discovered Steinfeld at the California audition.

“Just the thought of it was kind of intimidating,” Steinfeld told The Hollywood Reporter about her audition. “But the minute I met [co-star Jeff Bridges], I realised that he was just there to do a job – and I’m there for the same reason, and I kind of clicked with him and the Coen brothers [Joel and Ethan Cohen, who directed the film and wrote the screenplay].”

Steinfeld auditioned three times and ended up on set filming the movie within a week.

Her performance as the sassy young girl Mattie Ross delighted viewers and she earned an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress.

She loves cheeseburgers.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld will play Emily Dickinson in an upcoming comedy series.

In interviews, Steinfeld explained that she tries to eat a cheeseburger in every place she visits. She also doesn’t get an excessive amount of toppings. Instead, Steinfeld is satisfied with meat, cheese, and the bread bun (plus avocado if it’s available).

The title of Steinfeld’s debut EP, “Haiz,” was inspired by the nickname her fans gave her.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld got signed to Republic Records in the same year that she starred in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ as Emily Junk.

The four-track EP was released in 2015 and included the empowering anthem “Love Myself,” “You’re Such A,” “Rock Bottom,” and “Hell No’s and Headphones.” It was re-released the following year with a new version of “Rock Bottom” that featured the group DNCE.

“My fans have been calling me that long enough to where I thought that if I titled this EP it would feel as though they named it,” Steinfeld told Glamour of her nickname and the album title, Haiz. “It’s kind of a tribute to them.”

She’s never pierced her ears.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty ImagesHailee Steinfeld at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

“It was always a matter of my mum wanting me to be old enough to make my own decision about it, and I’ve decided I’m too indecisive to make the decision,” she explained to Umusic.

Her whole family have taken nontraditional career paths.

Griffin Steinfeld/InstagramHailee Steinfeld with her brother, Griffin, her mother, Cheri, and her father, Peter.

Steinfeld’s mum was an interior designer, her dad was a personal fitness trainer, and her brother is a Nascar driver. She said that her family has kept her grounded throughout her career.

“I owe a lot to my family for keeping me in check, but also just for supporting me and loving me and sacrificing so much for me to be able to do what I love,” she said during an appearance on the talk show “Lorraine.”


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