JOURNALIST: Hackers Hijacked My Phone In Sochi Before I Even Finished My Coffee

Sochi tourists, last night’s NBC report is your final warning.

If you have sensitive data that you don’t want stolen then don’t bring it to Sochi. And if it’s too late for that, don’t talk about sensitive topics while enjoying the Olympics.

Reporter Richard Engel brought two brand new computers and a new smartphone to Sochi. He had an American security expert upload a phony identity for him so that they contained hackable data.

Then they went to a coffee shop and used the smartphone to browse about Sochi.

“Almost immediately we were hacked,” Engel reports. “Malicious software hijacked our phone before we even finished our coffee, stealing my information and giving hackers the option to tap or record my phone calls.”

Later, Engel found that the two new computers had been hacked, and the stream of information from one of the computers was going to a servers within Russia.

Check out the full report:

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