Hackers Have Developed A Virus Which Kidnaps Everything On Your Computer And Holds It Hostage Until You Pay A Ransom

Cyber criminals are getting trickier.

They’ve managed to create a piece of malware called Cryptolocker which infiltrates your computer, encrypts all your files including documents, photos and PDFs and holds it all hostage until you pay a ransom of about $US300 or 0.5 bitcoins.

According to Mashable, criminals have been attempting to make this kind of virus for decades, and the group that has succeeded is probably netting tens or hundreds of millions of dollars from it.

First appearing in September 2013, Cryptoloker is spreading and copycat type viruses are now popping up.

But there’s one way to avoid this nasty trap and it’s relatively simple: Back up all your data.

There’s more here.

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