Now Hackers Are Targeting Lawyers' Confidential Client Info

computer hacking

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jangelo9397

Hackers reportedly have their eyes on stealing lawyers’ secret documents and client info.Since law firms can have inside information on mergers and other deals, this secret information can be particularly appealing to inside traders, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Lawyers usually store their clients’ documents on mobile devices and emails, making them easy targets for hackers.

But firms who were reportedly targeted by hackers aren’t admitting to it.

In March 2012, China-based hackers allegedly hacked a Canadian law firm, aiming to steal information about a $38 billion deal, The Globe and Mail reported.

The firm denied being hacked.

Now, the International Legal Technology Association is setting guidelines for lawyers to better protect their info through an initiative called LegalSEC, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“10 years ago people were not thinking about along these lines,” Gregory Fayer, a partner at Fayer Gipson LLP, told the Wall Street Journal. “I think the key is to be alert and be aware.”

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