The hacker who claims he took down New York Magazine says he did it because he once got pranked in New York City

Last night New York Magazine came out with a bombshell feature that interviewed 35 women, all of whom allege to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby over the last four decades. But soon after it went live, New York Magazine’s website went down.

Was it because of an onslaught of traffic? Or perhaps it was due to the controversial subject matter of the post? Not quite. A hacker has taken responsibility for taking down the site, and, according to the Daily Dot, he did it because he just doesn’t like New York City.

The hacker reportedly goes by the name ThreatKing. He talked to the Daily Dot over Skype chat and explained that he just doesn’t like New York. And this is New York the City, mind you, not New York Magazine — ThreatKing says he didn’t even know about the article.

From the Daily Dot’s interview

“Many stupid people at [sic] New York,” ThreatKing told The Daily Dot over a Skype chat. “I have not even seen the cover, LOL,” he said.

Where did this New York ire come from? Well, it seems ThreatKing visited the city a few months back and had a bad time. The Daily Dot writes:

ThreatKing said his hatred of New York City is based on a visit to the city gone wrong. “I went to new York 2 months ago. It was really bad,” ThreatKing said. “Someone pranked me. Everyone started laughing and shit. The first 10 hours being there. Some African-American tried to prank me with a fake hand gun.”

Now New York Magazine is trying to fend off the attack. A @NYMag tweet from earlier this morning that it was experience “technical difficulties.”

ThreatKing, who tweets from the hacker group Vikingdom’s Twitter handle, is now saying that he has taken down the entire website as a whole. Of course, none of this can be confirmed.

Business Insider reached out to New York Magazine. If we hear back we’ll update the post. (Of course, the website is down, so it’s likely the magazine is having email problems too.)

For anyone still hoping to access the Bill Cosby feature, NYMag tweeted out links to Instagram posts with some of the content.

As for any other website out there with the name “New York,” it might be a good idea to make sure your infrastructure is protected because ThreatKing has a bone to pick.

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