9 things mentally strong people do every day

Mental strength is just like any other skill: It takes time to develop.

In her book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” psychotherapist Amy Morin writes that your genetics, personality, and life experiences all play a role in your mental strength.

Since we know what mentally strong people don’t do, we asked Morin about the key habits they do follow.

Here are nine things mentally strong people do every day.

This is an update of an article originally written by Steven Benna.

1. They monitor their emotions.


People often assume mentally strong people suppress their emotions, Morin says, but they are actually acutely aware of them.

'They monitor their emotions throughout the day and recognise how their feelings influence their thoughts and behaviours,' she says. 'They know sometimes reaching their greatest potential requires them to behave contrary to how they feel.'

2. They practice realistic optimism.

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Having a positive outlook all the time is impossible, and too much negativity is counterproductive.

Mentally strong people 'understand that their thoughts aren't always true, and they strive to reframe their negativity,' Morin says. 'They replace exaggeratedly negative thoughts with a more realistic inner monologue.'

7. They strive to fulfil their purpose.

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Successfully fulfilling your purpose in life takes time. Mentally strong people understand this and focus on the big picture, keeping in mind that today's choices impact their future.

9. They monitor their progress.

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Doing whatever it takes to improve can help you reach your greatest potential. It starts with acknowledging your weaknesses and having a 'no excuses' approach.

'Rather than make excuses for their mistakes or failures, they seek explanations that will help them perform better moving forward,' Morin says.

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