7 habits of highly effective and successful people


No one is born successful. It takes a combination of factors such as skill, perseverance, and a great idea.

This is a concept Kevin Guest, CEO of global, billion-dollar health and nutritional supplement company USANA Health Sciences is all too familiar with.

In his debut book, “All The Right Reasons,” Kevin outlines some experiences that have led him to learn valuable lessons of strength and character.

With this in mind, we asked Guest to share his thoughts on the habits of highly effective and successful people.

Here’s what he had to say.

1. Always keep the end in mind

This coincides with the “Journey Principle” from my book which is “success is about the experiences you have, the relationships you build, and the lessons you learn”. When you’re working in business, you must look at the brutal reality of where you’re at but always keep the end in mind. At USANA, the end in mind is our vision of the company which is the ‘healthiest family on earth’. As a CEO, I have to keep this in mind for every strategy and decision we make to ensure we keep growing.

2. Think to win

It’s so important how we think. How do we control negative self-talk? We have the most conversations with ourselves. So, how we think and talk to ourselves is such a critical part of success. As thoughts proceed actions, if we think positively, we will act positively.

3. Commit to living your core values

When you commit to living your core values, you change your destiny. I describe this as the “Ben Franklin” Principle which centres around understanding what your core values are and being true to them. I use the metaphor of music throughout my book and living a life of harmony – this means being harmonious with your core values and making sure it matches your actions and the company you work for.

4. Recognise that nothing is more important than relationships

Throughout your career and personal life, have respect for every person you come across. As human beings, we need each other. We need encouragement, empathy, connections and people who make us feel uncomfortable in our comfort zones. Meaningful relationships help grow a business as they foster, trust, build bridges and help us manage conflict from a position of mutual understanding. I have ensured that I have forged strong relationships with the USANA founder, those on the board and employees.

5. Be proactive

This coordinates with the “Piano Principle” in my book which is “when you really want something, make it happen”. You will do anything necessary to get what you really want and make sacrifices along the way. One of the things that continues to help me in my career is to not sit and wait for things to happen. We must take control of where we at with our future and destiny as individuals and as leaders of companies.

6. Believe you have the power to change

You can become the person you want to be regardless of your past, your DNA, your circumstances, or other people’s expectations.

7. Encourage mentorship in the workplace

I believe you should identify people you admire and learn the valuable lessons they have to teach you. Great leaders always have great mentors. You should surround yourself with good people, not just people who are like yourself, but those who are different and can teach you different lessons. I depend on the voice of many diverse people – female, male and all races, to guide my global company.