H-P, Everyone Else, Scrambling To Avoid Getting Crushed By The iPad

steve ballmer

Now that Apple has shown off the iPad, H-P and other PC makers are scrambling to get a competitive product on the market, the Wall Street Journal reports.

H-P showed off its Slate in early January, but it held off on bringing it to market because it wanted to see what Apple was going to do, according to the WSJ.

Now that it’s seen the iPad, H-P is trying to shave the price of the Slate and ‘tweak’ a few other things on it.

H-P should just put its Slate on the shelf and start from scratch. The iPhone showed the importance of building new software for a new type of device. With the iPad, Apple similarly customised an OS to fit the device.

Cramming Windows onto a tablet will not work. And according to the Journal, H-P’s Slate will be just barely cheaper than the iPad.

Other companies still working on tablets:

  • Microsoft is still cranking away on its Courier tablet.
  • Acer is looking at building a tablet.
  • Dell is going to try and sell a 5 inch handheld computing device.

The reason Dell isn’t doing a tablet? According to the WSJ, John Thode, Dell VP of portable devices, thought Apple wouldn’t make a tablet because it already had the iPhone. Whoops!

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