This Online Flower Company Wants To Run Would-Be Entrepreneurs Through “Hell Week”

H. Bloom hell week

So you think you know how to run a startup?NYC-based flower delivery company H. Bloom is launching the first ever startup-leadership program. They’ll teach candidates all aspects of the business and then put them through hell week.

“By the end of the program they will take some tests, sort of like a hell-week, where the entire New York business is run by them for a week,” CEO Bryan Burkhart told us.

In SEED, a four-month intensive leadership and training program, aspiring entrepreneurs get to rotate through all sections of the business, from contacting flower designers to arranging deliveries. They also have one-on-one time with managers and classes with Burkhart every third Saturday, where he teaches them basic finance, like how to read an income statement.

“We’re looking for people who love entrepreneurship and the exhilaration of a fast growing business,” Burkhart said. The program’s first graduate is already on his way to become one of the company’s New York market managers, a $2 million a year business.

“I don’t know many 27 year olds who have that kind of experience,” Burkhart said.

Burkhart, who tapped into the $32 billion a year flower business in 2010, had previous experience at a tech start-up, but like many of the aspiring entrepreneurs participating in the program, knew little about this business. “At the time I knew nothing about flowers,” he said.

Already operating in New York and Washington, DC, and soon in Chicago, H.Bloom plans to expand to 30 markets in the upcoming years.