New York City's favourite Bagel Shop Is Re-Opening Downtown

H & H bagels

Photo: irina slutsky/Flickr

Bagel lovers, rejoice! New York City’s iconic H&H Bagels is coming back to Manhattan, less than a year after its last location closed in Midtown.Randy Narod, owner of the Long Island Bagel Café chain, told the New York Times on Tuesday that he is planning on opening the famous bagel shop this fall on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan.

Grub Street speculated Monday that H&H was reopening after it discovered that the company had signed a lease for 1,800 square feet at 125 Fulton Street.

Narod told the NYT that he purchased the H&H trademark earlier this year from former owner Helmer Toro. Toro closed H&H’s 46th street store in January after dealing with tax and debt issues.

At the new H&H, Narod said customers will be able to order toasted bagels as well as add toppings like cream cheese and lox. Narod also told the NYT he plans on selling more than just bagels at the new location. The store will offer more traditional lunch fare, like soups, salads and sandwiches, similar to Narod’s Long Island Bagel Café locations.

If the new location is successful, Narod told the NYT he plans on opening more H&H locations.

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