Japan Inspires Gwyneth Paltrow To Share Her Tips On Avoiding Radiation

gwyneth paltrow

Today’s GOOP newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow has some super helpful advice on protecting yourself from radiation.

(And by “yourself,” we mean readers who, like Gwyneth, are blissfully far away from the actual radiation danger zone in Japan.)

Among the tips, from doctors Paltrow knows:

“Limit exposure.”

“Move away from the exposure area.”

“Have other sources of food and water.” (Ooh. Good one.)

“Drink miso soup.” Where’s the link to a macrobiotic-friendly recipe?

And the most helpful advice of all? Just stop thinking so much about it!

“Worried about nuclear radiation from the Fukushima reactor meltdowns? Worrying does you no good. It impairs your immune system, tips your brain out of balance and distracts you from dealing with real life. Worrying is living ‘what if’; life is what is. Thus far we’re fine.”

So that should take care of that, right, Japan?