HOUSE OF THE DAY: Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Just Bought The Most Gorgeous Mansion Ever

hose of windsor, gwyneth paltrow los angeles veranda concept house $10.45 million

Photo: House of Windsor 360-degree tour

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin are under contract for a stunning Los Angeles mansion that once graced the cover of Veranda magazine, according to TMZ.The couple reportedly paid close to the $10.45 million asking price.

The six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home was originally on the market in 2011 for $11.96 million, after architect Windsor Smith completed it.

The house, which is called “The House of Windsor,” was on the cover of the October edition of Veranda. It’s been outfitted by designers including Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Stephen Block, Kathryn M. Ireland, Peter Dunham, Candace Barnes and more.

Head designer Windsor Smith designed the foyer.

The floors are gorgeous.

Richard Shapiro designed the living room.

All the walls are done in White Dove paint.

The pillows are covered in velvet fabric.

Windsor Smith continued her Galveston Grey theme into the living room.

We love the rustic fireplace.

The pulsation modular sectional really gives the room a homey vibe.

Windsor Smith also designed the kitchen.

The 30-inch refrigerator blends in nicely with the Galveston Grey painted cabinets.

Cook up a storm on the Grand Palais 180 range stove.

The wet bar has a built-in coffee machine and a wine column that has two different temperature zones.

There's a small nook to get some work done in the corner of the kitchen.

Let's move on from the kitchen.

The formal dining room has an umbrian lantern to add some romantic ambiance to the room.

Peter Dunham designed the guest suite, putting Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed.

The wacky screening/game room was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

There's a huge flat screen TV, but we're not sure how anyone can concentrate with that wacky wallpaper in the background.

The screening room is off in its own alcove of the house, so the ensuite bathroom is a nice edition.

Tara Shaw designed this bedroom. The iron Venetian canopy bed is so elegant.

The walls are all done in White Dove paint.

The home office is wild.

The master bathroom dressing area was designed by Candace Barnes.

The tub is a Georgian era exposed floor-mounted tub.

The bedroom has antique oak flooring.

Barnes chose SEFERRA's linens for the master bedroom.

The fireplace and bookshelf give the bedroom a very homey feeling.

The stables were designed by Kathryn M. Ireland.

The stable has a concrete sink to with stand any yard work or crafts you throw its way.

The stables are adjacent to the home.

All of the lighting in the stable is circa 1910.

The view from the stables.

Stephen Block and Paul Robbins took care of the outside of the home.

There is plenty of green space to run around.

We love the wicker outdoor dining set.

There are multiple seating areas in the backyard, this would be a great lace for a party.

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