Here Are 8 Singing Stars Who Should Follow Gwyneth Paltrow's Lead And Sign Up For 'Glee'


Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on “Glee” last November as a wisecracking, rumpshaking, Cee-Lo-belting substitute teacher.

Let’s recap her dossier since: one box-office hit (playing a songstress in “Country Strong”); one successful, highly-feathered Grammy performance; one Oscar appearance — singing, not acting.

Paltrow is back on “Glee” tonight. And why not? For her, the first guest gig was the catalyst in a chain of positive exposure — and the key to proving to theatergoers that Paltrow could actually sing. (Apparently, no one remembered her smooth vocals on the “Duets” soundtrack.)

Several of Paltrow’s Hollywood cohorts have music-movie projects in the works — they should start sending Ryan Murphy flowers and flattering emails now.

'Dancing With The Stars' catapulted Hough right into Hollywood's most competitive ranks. Not only is she in the 'Footloose' reboot, she's starring in the blockbuster adaptation of 80's hair-musical 'Rock of Ages.' But can Hough sing? A 'Glee' cameo would be a good place to answer that question.

She could play: A Cheerios alumna, back to seek revenge on Sue Sylvester.

Cruise needs 'Glee' for different reasons than his co-star Hough. Public sentiment towards the actor is conflicted at best -- a stamp of approval from 'Glee' would go a long way towards getting audiences excited to see him in 'Rock of Ages.'

He could play: Seems to us the oft-weary Figgins could use an arse-kicking vice principal.

The hip-hop/Latin Broadway sensation is coming to the big screen -- and bringing its original star along with it. The theatre-friendly 'Glee' would make the perfect venue for introducing Manuel-Miranda to America at large.

He could play: a high-energy composer who helps push forward the glee club's new original music initiative.

Catherine Zeta Jones, who's leading a Cleopatra musical.

'Cleo' -- a song-filled retelling of the Egyptian pharaoh -- will need all the help it can get competing against Angelina Jolie's take on the queen. Moviegoers should already know Zeta Jones can sing -- she won an Oscar for her 'Chicago' performance and recently starred in 'A Little Night Music' on Broadway. But it never hurts to remind people that the woman has a serious voice.

She could play: Puck's sultry parole officer (when he inevitably has his first over-18 run-in with the law).

Sacha Baron Cohen, who's set to play Freddie Mercury.

The 'Bruno' and 'Borat' star wasn't the most obvious pick when it came to casting Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic. And he's almost certainly not on the 'Glee' guest star shortlist -- which is precisely why everyone would win in this counterintuitive matchup.

He could play: a womanizing drama club advisor who woos half the female faculty -- with an accent of Cohen's choosing.

Jay-Z and Will Smith are collaborating on what will surely be the buzziest remake in recent history. And it's no surprise that little Willow, fresh off the success of her infectious single 'Whip My Hair,' has been cast as the lead. But there's some challenging songs in 'Annie' -- and we're hoping the Autotuning is kept to a minimum. So it would be great to see Smith show off her melodic chops.

She could play: A child prodigy who jumped several grades and now wants a spot in New Directions.

Aniston will get top billing -- alongside Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh of 'Grey's Anatomy' -- in this prison-set musical. And we imagine that 'Glee' would be thrilled to have her -- so it's the perfect tradeoff.

She could play: the school's new, second guidance counselor, whose free-spirited ways and new-age lingo horrify the prim Emma Pillsbury -- until they become inseparable friends.

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