Alabama State University's New Single President Is Forbidden By Her Contract From Having 'Lovers' Stay Overnight

Gwendolyn Boyd Alabama State University PresidentVia commerce.govNew Alabama State University president Gwendolyn Boyd

The contract for Alabama State University’s new president comes with an unusual and seemingly unprecedented caveat — she is forbidden from having potential lovers spend the night, according to Inside Higher Ed.

New ASU president Gwendolyn Boyd is single and currently lives alone, but told IHE that the requirement was “not problematic” for her. As IHE reports, “Boyd’s new contract is pretty standard — $US300,000 a year, a car and the presidential residence — except she can’t have lovers staying overnight for an extended period of time.”

The contract was originally posted by The Birmingham News — you can read it in full here — and the questionable clause reads, “For so long as Dr. Boyd is president and a single person, she shall not be allowed to cohabitate in the president’s residence with any person with whom she has a romantic relation.”

Raymond Cotton, a lawyer who specialises in higher education presidential contracts, told IHE that the language may be illegal.

“No board that I know of, certainly that I would advise, would have anything to do with a clause like this. How would you enforce it? Would you go marching into a president’s home and say, ‘Stop that, get your hands off him or her!,'” Cotton said.

Read the full story at Inside Higher Ed >>

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