Guys On Reddit Are Creepy Snapchat Users

If you want to meet new people on Snapchat, there isn’t a built in method like Twitter or Instagram’s hashtags. That’s why people started using other services to meet new people. 

On Twitter, people use the hashtag #snapchatnames to exchange usernames.

On Facebook, there’s a page devoted to letting people post their usernames for others to see.

On Reddit, there’s a subreddit that serves the same purpose, but with one major difference: it’s set up like a mix between a dating site and a wanted ad on Craigslist.

Users on the page give descriptions of themselves and the kind of person they’d like to Snapchat with. 

There’s no age limit on posts (and Reddit doesn’t ask for age when users sign up), so posts range from “Snapchat my friend hailey if your a guy from the age 15-19” to “34 m4m Provo, Utah – looking to chat with hot straight guys.”

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to inappropriate messaging between adults and minors. One of the moderators of the subreddit recently had to call out two users who have been exposing themselves to minors via the page.

This behaviour isn’t limited to just this section of the site. A search for “snapchat” on Reddit leads to a number of guys posting pictures of themselves “in the buff,” offering to chat via Snapchat and services like Skype. Posts by women about Snapchat are far more rare and are generally less sexual in nature.

In fact, one male Redditor even submitted a post a few months back asking: “This subreddit seems like it’s almost all males looking for girls to talk to. Have any of you actually had a girl Snapchat you?”

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