13 Things You Didn't Know Guys Were Doing On Pinterest

Even though Pinterest is the fastest growing content sharing platform, some people still assume that it’s only women using the service, and that they’re just focusing on cupcake pictures and wedding planning.

Not even close to true.

Though Pinterest still has more women using it then men, more and more guys are turning to the social network to keep track of their lives in creative ways.

Pinterest wouldn’t give us a number for the amount of dudes using the service, but said the the topics seeing explosive growth right now are the gender-neutral ones, like food, articles, and travel, and subcategories like CrossFit.

Of course, we’re not trying to say that the following are examples of things that only guys would pin. Lots of women are pinning about the exact same topics — but you already knew they were on Pinterest.

Pinterest user Nick Cobler keeps track of his favourite angling spots (and, naturally, all his catches).

The Grill Masters board by Matt Adkins is jam-packed with quirky ideas and products.

There are a lot of boards on Pinterest centered around the idea of creating the perfect 'man cave.' This particular dream comes from user Erik Hansen.

Before telling his barber how much to chop off, Victor Ng keeps track of all the different styles he's interested in.

This easy decorating idea comes a 'Stuff For Stay At Home Dads' board that's packed with activities, products, and projects.

Have a collection? User Rick Adams keeps track of old motorcycles he wants.

More and more people are using Pinterest's travel features to remember amazing trips they took. Here's a board about Gary Arndt's sojourn in Italy.

Here's a neat way to store spices from Mathew Herald's 'Camping' board. He uses Pinterest to help plan his next trip.

User Dafs Brantner is keeping track of his tattoo ideas. On Pinterest, you can keep all your ink inspiration in one place.

Pinterest is the perfecting place for collecting food-porn. User Dan Polley has a board called 'burgery goodness.'

Luke Dean-Weymark is one of many pinners who uses the site to keep a 'want list' of all the gadgets he wishes he owned.

This guy gets vintage with almost 100 boards about old comics.

Humour is also big on Pinterest. Michael Yang's board 'Flying Cats' is hilarious.

Now, for another type of visual inspiration:

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