Update: Here’s What Was Really Going On With Those Beer Drinking Bros On The Mavs Bench

There is something wrong with this picture. Yes, there are two bearded bros drinking beer seated on the Mavs bench right between Vince Carter and Delonte West [via Busted Coverage]:

UPDATE: Turns out the two mystery guys are Aaron Cohen, a fashion designer, and a guy who goes by the name ‘Chris Smokes‘ on Twitter (via SportsGrid). Sounds about right.

We’re still not sure why they are drinking beer on the Mavs bench though….

UPDATE #2: We’ve come to the bottom of this situation thanks to SB Nation’s Matt Watson.

Turns out, the beer drinking bros are not actually sitting on the bench. If you look very closely, they are sitting slightly behind Delonte West on comfortable leather chairs, and West is sitting on a folding chair on the bench.

Vince Carter is chilling with the fashion designer and his friend in a vacant comfortable chair.

So the bros aren’t on the bench, but it’s still pretty funny Carter chose to kick back with them instead of sit on the bench.

mavs game bench

Here’s video of announcers George Blaha and Greg Kelser trying to figure out what was going on: