Guy Uses Apple's 'Find My Phone' To Recover Lost/Stolen iPhone

find kevins phone

Put yourself in Kevin Miller’s shoes. You are in Chicago for the first time. You are there to attend a Lego convention with two friends. And you lose your iPhone at a “pleasantly sketchy” dive bar.

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What do you do? Test out one of Apple’s (AAPL) new iPhone 3.0 features — “find my phone on a map” — of course! As Kevin reports, in a hilarious LiveJournal post, it works! (Requires $99/year MobileMe subscription.)

Assuming this story is true — it includes running around a Chicago neighbourhood with a MacBook Pro and a Sprint 3G card to triangulate the missing iPhone; “bad-arse iPhone tracking,” as the author calls it — it might make an amusing marketing video for Apple’s next public conference.

Here’s an excerpt:

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the iPhone thiever who will momentarily be entering the story. You might have told yourself, “Hey, free iPhone!” the night before. You might have seen the gently-threatening messages and ignored them, maybe even scoffed. Then the phone told you it was on Medill St. It talked to you in Spanish. And you saw three skinny white guys prowling in the street with a laptop computer open.

So you take off down the road, and to your shock and horror, the honkeys follow you. You stand at your local bus stop, expecting to lose them. And they converge on your location from across the intersection, the bald one with the laptop yelling and pointing at you. You probably think the angels of death have found you.

He sheepishly waved me over.

“Have you got it?” I asked as I marched up to the guy, acting far more intimidating than I felt. Our iPhone-pilfering friend apparently works at the sketchy bar, and as he fished around in his bag, he gave a questionable alibi about having found the phone, intending to return it, but being intimidated by “all these scary-looking messages” that kept popping up on the display. “Um, yeah, those were from me,” I replied curtly. He pulled my phone out, totally unharmed, and handed it over. I resisted the urge to giggle.

I shook his hand – Lord knows why I did that – and the three of us walked off. We laughed triumphantly, adrenaline racing, feeling like the Jack Bauer trio. (Disregard the fact that we’d just left a Lego convention.)

Read the whole story at LiveJournal →

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