Plane Passengers Use Shoelaces To Stop Guy From Trying To Open Exit Door

Alexander HerreraAlexander Herrera was arrested for allegedly tying to open a plane door mid-flight.

A 23-year-old passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight Monday allegedly tried to open an aeroplane door in-air

after making “unusual statements,” ABC News reports.Some of the Portland-bound flight’s 137 passengers intervened along with crew members to restrain the man who was identified as Alexander Michael Herrera.

Those aboard the flight had to use shoelaces and seatbelt extensions to restrain Herrera who was arrested once the plane landed, according to the Associated Press.

Passenger Ryan Oelrich told ABC News heard a “loud hissing noise” and “lots of screaming” before seeing “a very large gentleman who was attempting to open the exit row door.”

The door has a lock on it to prevent it from being opened while the plane is flying.

Authorities did not provide details on the “unusual statements” Herrera allegedly made on the plane.

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