Guy Ritchie May Still Get Money From Madonna Divorce

Even though Guy Ritchie claimed he didn’t want any of his Material Ex-Wife’s money when the pair reached their quickie divorce settlement on Friday, by asking for custody of the couple’s two sons, he might still get $15,000 a month in child support.

NY Daily News: Madonna may have gotten her quickie divorce from Guy Ritchie, but the singer isn’t getting off scot-free.

Insiders say that while Guy doesn’t want Madge‘s millions (around 450 of them), he does want custody of the couple’s two boys, Rocco and David. And with that custody could come a sizable chunk of change, our British legal sources tell us – up to $15,000 a month in child support even if he just gets joint custody.

A sworn statement released by the London court on Friday showed Madonna, 50, petitioned for divorce onthe grounds of 40-year-old Ritchie’s “unreasonable behaviour” – and she said the behaviour was continuing.

The terms of the divorce aren’t expected to be ironed out until later this year, but sources say Madonna is so relieved to be getting out of the eight-year marriage with ease, she’ll probably agree to pay the relatively modest support.

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