This guy showed up for a bachelor party but no one else did, so he took sad selfies all weekend

Robert chernowRobert ChernowA lonely Chernow at a baseball game in Chicago.

Earlier this summer, Robert Chernow headed to Chicago to celebrate a friend’s bachelor party, but due to flight cancellations, none of Chernow’s friends made it to the Windy City. 

Making the best of the situation, Chernow decided to tour the city by himself. He shared his hilariously sad solo adventures, including spots like Navy Pier and a Chicago Bears baseball game, on Instagram using the hashtag #ChicagoForOne.

Since his trip, Chernow’s photos have racked up thousands of collective Instagram likes and his story has even been feature by GQ and the “Today” show

Keep reading to find out more about Chernow’s #ChicagoForOne trip. 

'Thanks for inviting me to your bachelor party and then having your flight get canceled so I'm the only one here!' Chernow captioned his first photo.

Next up, Chernow took a boat tour of Chicago. 'I have so much room on this boat for all my friends whose flights to Chicago got canceled,' he wrote.

Despite being alone, Chernow still managed to see all the Chicago sights. Here he is at Navy Pier.

And enjoying the Chicago skyline.

This woman gave Chernow a mini bottle of wine and told her kids, 'Let's go sit somewhere else and let the sad man be alone,' Chernow wrote.

To find out all the Chicago hot spots, Chernow tried his hand at Tinder.

It didn't work out so well.

Here's Chernow all alone at a Chicago Bears game.

He did make friends with these two women working at the stadium though. The ladies even gave him a fridge magnet, Chernow writes.

'As apropos as it is that I'm literally blue in this picture, that was a random coincidence, not an added filter meant to illustrate my current mood,' Chernow captioned this shot.

This sandwich shop was recommended to Chernow through a person on Tinder. 'These sandwiches are normally meant to be shared, but you seem sad enough to finish one by yourself,' the woman in the picture told Chernow.

Here's Chernow taking a selfie reflected in front of Chicago's Cloud Gate, better known as 'The Bean.'

Looks like he certainly made some 'magnificent memories' on this trip.

On a clear day, the Willis tower, formerly the Sears tower, offers great views of the city. Chernow, as he explains in the caption, didn't have much luck.

Chernow's cab driver told him might be able to join a game of frisbee in the park. Looks like he didn't have much luck there either.

After two days, Chernow's friend Jake, the bachelor, finally arrived. No longer alone, Chernow hashtagged this picture '#ChicagoWithFriends.'

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