The 6 People You'll Meet On Twitter

Guy Kawasaki

Figuring out what kind of tweeting style you or someone else has can help increase Twitter’s effectiveness as a business tool for you.

Different Twitter users have varying levels of value when looked at from a business standpoint. From those who use the service solely for personal status updates, to others who avidly and effectively spread information across their networks, most individuals on Twitter have a specific style and agenda. Which ones are most worth your time?

Guy Kawasaki talks about the six main types of tweet-ers, as well as who you should pay attention to, over at the OPEN Forum:

It took me a few months to figure out that all Twitter users are not created equal and don’t have the same agenda. It’s much more complex than “cool people talking about cool things.” In order for you to come up to speed faster than I did, here is an explanation of the principle types of Twitter users, how they predominantly tweet, and a recommended approach to each of them.

The Brand. “What can I get away with?” The Brand balances the tension between using Twitter as a marketing tool and socially engaging people so as not to appear to be using Twitter as a marketing tool. Motivation: greater brand awareness. Recommended approach: observe.

The Maven. “What’s interesting in my niche?” The Maven is an expert in a field such as recruiting, marketing, or web design. If you’re interested in their field, following them is a rich, rewarding, and time-saving experience. Motivation: getting retweeted and recognised as an expert. Recommended approach: follow.

The Mensch. “How can I help?” Mensches are few and far between. They lurk in the background until people need help and then they either know, or know how to find, the answer. They are seldom well-known or highly followed, but they save you tons of time and effort when you want to know something like the ideal dimensions of a profile background. Motivation: helping others. Recommended approach: adore.

Learn about the rest of the types at the OPEN Forum >

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