Guy Kawasaki Reveals 6 Ways You Can Compete With Apple

Steve Jobs looks dapper

There’s no doubt about Apple’s massive success and cult-like following.

So what’s their secret?

In a post for OPEN Forum, Guy Kawasaki argues that there really is no secret; he says that Apple’s model is nothing that can’t be replicated.

The real appeal lies, he says, in the brilliance of their product design.

You can compete with Apple if you learn and apply similar standards to your own products.

From OPEN Forum:

  • Deep. Depth refers to the feature set of your product. It means that you’ve anticipated what your customers will need as they grow familiar with the product and come up the power curve.
  • Intelligent. When you use an intelligent product, you can tell that someone has insights into solving your problems. An intelligent product delights you with how it knows what you need to do.
  • Complete. A complete product provides not only a digital or physical manifestation but all the other good stuff that makes for a great experience such as service, support, and a string of enhancements.
  • Elegant. An elegant product means that you cared about user interface and industrial design. An elegant product works with you, for you, and through you. An inelegant one fights and befuddles you.
  • Emotive. People have binary reactions to greatness: either they like it or they hate it. Great products generate strong emotions like joy, delight, pride-of-ownership, and, sometimes, hate.

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