Android's Newest Fanboy (And Former Apple Evangelist) Drops A Big Hint About Motorola's Next Phone

Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple evangelist turned Motorola/Google adviser, posted a video to his Google+ page yesterday that has a lot of people wondering if Motorola’s next phone will have customisable hardware options.

The video is a promo for Porsche, which lets its customers add a bunch of extra doodads to their overpriced sports cars.

Kawasaki’s commentary on the video?¬†

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalise your phone like this?”

(We first got wind of the Google+ post on Droid Life.)

Motorola is reportedly working directly with Google to make the so-called X-Phone, a premium smartphone that should launch later this year. Some Android fan blogs are reporting the X-Phone will have customisable hardware, just as Kawasaki teased yesterday.

There’s a chance we could learn more about Google’s plans for Motorola at Google’s I/O developers conference in May.

Here’s the Porsche video Kawasaki posted:

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