This guy drove his girlfriend crazy with terrible puns on a trip to IKEA and put it on YouTube

IKEA punsYouTube‘Have we ‘ALGOT’ what we need,’ Gilmore asks his girlfriend in this shot.

For some couples assembling IKEA furniture can be a real relationship-tester, but for Simon Gilmore and his girlfriend, Dana, the test was a recent shopping trip to the Swedish super-store. 

Instead of trying to properly pronounce the product names, Gilmore filmed himself turning the Swedish words into puns for Dana, who looks like she just wants to admire the “EKTORP” couches and be left alone. 

Gilmore’s video started gaining popularity after it was posted on Reddit earlier this week, Unilad reported. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube.

“Dana, I’ve got you on my ‘REIDAR,'” Gilmore says to his girlfriend, who looks only slightly amused by his pun at the beginning of the video. 

As the couple continues their shopping trip, Gilmore keeps going with the puns, much to his girlfriend’s apparent chagrin. “Stop, just stop,” she says as her boyfriend asks her to remind him to buy hair gel while holding up an IKEA “BYGEL.” Buy gel. Get it?

Dana looks particularly unimpressed by this pun using the word “SKÄNKA.” “I’ve already got one, can we get six more,” Gilmore says to Dana as she shakes her head.

Gilmore tries to redeem himself with this pun, which makes Dana smile, if only briefly. “You look really pretty today,” he says, giving his girlfriend a compliment or “KOMPLEMENT.” 

Check out the entire pun-filled shopping trip here or below. 


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