Former RadiumOne CEO making 'very good' progress in domestic violence classes, says judge

Former RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal appeared in San Francisco superior court on Friday where a judge commended his “very good” progress completing classes related to domestic violence and battery charges he pleaded guilty to last year.

RadiumOne runs an automated platform for online and mobile ads.

Chahal was fired from RadiumOne last year after refusing to resign amid allegations he had beaten his girlfriend.

In a blog post last year, Chahal said he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanours because he didn’t want to endure a lengthy trial.

“While, I had full intentions of getting fully exonerated of these charges, that would require me to go through trial and waste another 1 year of my life,” he said.

Chahal was scheduled to appear in court at 9 am but didn’t arrive until 1:30 pm. The former CEO showed up in a maroon sports coat, a white v-neck, and designer jeans.

“We apologise for not being in court at 9 o’clock,” said his attorney, Lisa DewBerry.

City prosecutors said Chahal had completed 43 classes — ostensibly related to domestic violence — and was compliant with his sentencing.

“I’m told Mr. Chahal is the first person in the history of this program to complete his work and continue showing up [to meetings],” said DewBerry.

“This is a very good report Mr. Chahal,” said Judge Tracie Brown.

Chahal was ordered to reappear in court on April 3.

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