The Dreaded Judge Rakoff Actually Has A Sense Of humour

judge jed rakoff

Earlier this week The Economist profiled Judge Jed Rakoff, the illustrious legal mind most famous these days for serving as the judge for the insider-trading case of Rajat Gupta.

If the financial crisis has indeed brought corporate law into a new era, then we can certainly thank Judge Rakoff. Over the past five years the judge has produced a tremendous (in quantity and quality) body of work. Here’s what The Economist reported:

“Perhaps because of his willingness to work long hours and grapple with areas of law that others have circumvented, Mr Rakoff has produced a remarkably large amount of work over the past five years—six times the number of opinions by another longtime judge in the same district, and more than double the number of several others, according to a crude analysis using Westlaw, a database. Many of these are drawn from high-profile cases.”

And the Economist reminds us that there’s another side to the man who just convicted Gupta of insider-trading.

The former journalist and avid Yankees fan also has a bit of a sense of humour. We saw this earlier this week with his comedic banter during the Gupta trial and last year when the Wall Street Journal showed us his lyrical talents.

Here’s Judge Rakoff’s riveting parody of Gilbert and Sullivan “Modern Major General,” “A Modern Major Law Clerk.”

“I laugh at all my judge’s jokes, and listen to his endless spiel.

I never pay the slightest heed to his reversals on appeal.

And even in those moments when it looks like he has gone berserk,

I smile and say, “More coffee, Judge?” – a perfect district judge’s clerk!”

Bravo, Judge. Bravo. 



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