Jeff Gundlach’s New Trade Idea Is Killing It

Jeff Gundlach is primarily known as a bond manager, but he does from time to time offer up some extremely clever trade ideas, such as his call earlier this year to go long natural gas and short Apple, which was basically the most contrarian bet imaginable.

On a recent conference call he tossed out another idea: Go long Japanese stocks (the Nikkei) and short the currency (yen).

We wrote about the trade 10 days ago, and said it was doing well, and since then it’s just killing it even more.

The yen has been gettting crushed against the dollar all month.

And the Nikkei? That’s the hottest stock market in the world.

You can see what a sick run it’s been on since mid-November.


The shift is all due to new PM Shinzo Abe and his promise of more monetary easing.

It’s definitely one of the biggest market stories in the world right now, as everyone watches to see if it works.

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