After Predicting Apple's Collapse, Jeff Gundlach Now Owns The Stock

Jeffrey GundlachJeffrey Gundlach

Bond god Jeffrey Gundlach, who runs DoubleLine Capital, told‘s Chris Ciaccia that he now owns Apple in his portfolio. 

Gundlach famously shorted Apple’s stock last year and called it going to $425 a share on CNBC when it was trading around the $560 level in November.  

From TheStreet: 

“We bought it at $405 the first time, and I think our average cost is below $425. I said Apple would go below $425. I wasn’t committed to buying it, but I think Apple is an interesting play,” Gundlach said during the interview.

Gundlach told TheStreet that the tech giant’s stock is “sorta cheap” and that he “sorta” likes Apple.  

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