Gundlach takes a hatchet to the Fed

Jeff Gundlach, the so-called Bond King and head of DoubleLine Capital, does not like negative interest rates.

Gundlach, speaking at the Sohn Investment Conference, compared negative-yield bonds to disorienting optical illusions designed to make the viewer sick and confused.

“Negative interest rates are the definition of deflation,” said Gundlach. “Trying to combat deflation with deflation is like trying to put out your burning house with gasoline.”

He then took a hatchet to the Federal Reserve, saying that its desire to raise interest rates is a bad idea and will restrict growth.

Gundlach said to short utilities and buy mortgage REITs, given this environment. Utilities have an 18x price to earnings, according to Gundlach, while mortgage REITs are far more attractive. He expects these two to converge. The “Bond King” also suggested that investors leverage themselves by 1x in order to grab the most returns.

“Low-volatility equities” also fell into his gaze, which he called “the ultimate oxymoron.”

He also targeted various presidential candidates from Jeb Bush, saying that his slogan should have been “WTF?” instead of “Jeb!” to Ted Cruz, whom he compared to a character from “The Munsters,” to Hillary Clinton, who he said has a “bottomless” well of scandals to be attacked.

He then reiterated his call that Donald Trump will win the presidency. Gundlach believes that a Trump presidency will cause the national debt to soar.

His fund, DoubleLine, has just under $100 billion in assets under management and is known for precise calls on the bond market.

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