Jeff Gundlach And Robert Shiller's Equity Fund Launches Today

Bond God Jeff Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine Capital, and Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller have teamed up for a new equity fund.

The pair appeared on CNBC moments ago.

The DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE (DSEEX) fund launches today.

It will incorporate fixed income investments by Gundlach’s DoubleLine and a stock market strategy using value investing from Shiller.

Gundlach called it “good old fashion blocking and tackling investing.”

He added that this mutual fund is not going to be investing in these massive momentum trades.

“Part of my DNA is that I’m just not that into massive momentum names,” he said.

Gundlach has said recently that he’s not into Google or Tesla, which he sees as these massive momentum stocks.

The pair teamed up after Barclays said that they thought there was “great synergy” between their investment philosophies, Gundlach told CNBC.

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